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Dragon of Helspyre Mtn - Free


This is the free version of "The Dragon of Helspyre Mountain". It allows 100 turns per quest, rather than the 300 of the paid version. Otherwise, there is no difference between the two versions.In a far away country, a fierce dragon has taken up residence at the root of a volcano called Helspyre Mountain. A wandering hero, you have been called upon to bring an end to this menace. You have 3 lives and 300 turns in which to collect 3000 gold pieces and complete your quest. There, you will seek the Dracusbane, a mythical lance that is the only weapon that can locate and defeat the dragon in its lair.
Created with the IF Engine(TM), your character, locations, events, encounters and items will never be the same between readings. Rather than turn a page, you select an option that progresses the story and reveals the next challenge. Who you choose to become and the choices along the way will guide your steps toward victory or defeat.The average quest takes between 30-45 minutes to complete a quest.
Here are just some of the features of "The Books that Write Themselves":
* A graphical mapping system* Locking gates and doors* Weapon and armor upgrades* Fully developed characters* Atmospheric sights and sounds* Non-player characters* Fully descriptive narrative* Rest and meal health restoration* Random events and encounters* Many different location types* Traps and environmental hazards* Dozens of monsters* Single and melee combat* Simple attributes system* Inventory tracking system* Map and key usage* No typing necessary